The Tempin' Bowlers are a slapstick comedy duo. 

Songs from the 20's & 30's, lots of silliness and perhaps a custard pie or two!
We most recently performed at 'Another Fine Fest' in Ulverston, the Birthplace of Stan Laurel.
We always aim to make the show personal to you so not one is ever the same.
Suitable for all ages.

'We were rolling in the aisles'Bowler Desert review











William Shakespeare performs his greatest hits.


Join Shakespeare and his wife, Anne Hathaway, as they regale you with a lighthearted gallop through extracts from the bard's poetry, his comedies and his tragedies - which are usually funnier than the comedies. With some of his most eloquent insults, songs and audience participation aplenty, this event puts the entertainment back into Shakespeare where it belongs.

Shakespeare's stuffy?...Pah.. Me thinks not!